We Know How The Other Side Thinks

Because our attorneys have spent years working for insurance companies and defending accident cases, we know how the other side works. We know how the defense lawyers think when trying to defect your case. This unique knowledge helps to ensure that your claim against the careless defendant that caused your injuries will be likely to succeed.

Experience Matters

Attorneys Bob Rosenblatt and Tom McGarrity, partners since 1982, each has a tremendous amount of experience. Practicing attorneys for 50 and 44 years, respectively. We know the defense strategies well. You can put that knowledge to work for you and see how we achieve successful settlements and monetary awards for our clients.rmlaw

In addition to the many motor vehicle accidents and other cases we have handled, our work included representing the family of one of the victims in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing in 1988. The case awarded $10 million to our client and $2.7 billion total on behalf of all victims.

We Will Fight Vigorously On Your Behalf

While know-how gained throughout our decades of practice is an important advantage in achieving the best result for you, equally important is the energy and time we put into representing you. We are ready as ever to do what it takes to reach the best possible outcome in your case, whether personal injury, criminal defense, general litigation or any other case entrusted to us.

Contact Rosenblatt & McGarrity LLP at 914-821-6629 or send us a message. We offer free consultations in cases involving personal injury resulting from any type of accident or malpractice.

We practice in the Bronx, Westchester and all boroughs of New York City and surrounding counties.