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Criminal charges can have a tremendous impact on your life, especially if you are convicted. Not only could you face time in jail or prison and fines, but also a conviction can permanently tarnish your record and hurt your chances for new opportunities or future employment.

The lawyers at Rosenblatt & McGarrity LLP in New York can help you understand the charges you face and possible defenses in court. When you come to us for criminal defense, you benefit from our decades of experience and our knowledge of the legal system.

What Is The Penalty For A DWI In New York?

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, you will lose your driving privileges. Your penalty and fines will vary based on whether this is a repeat offense and your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the arrest. If you had a .18 BAC or higher, it is considered an aggravated DWI under the law in New York state.

Even a first offense can hurt you, both now and in the future. Seeking the advice of an attorney can ensure protection of your rights and help prevent the offense from hurting you in the long run.

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